About Daniel

Hello, my name is Daniel Johnson and I am a photographer in Cheboygan, Mi. My specialties include portraiture (children, families, seniors, couples), real estate, and landscape photography. 

All images copyright Daniel Johnson. All rights reserved. 

I am a (mostly) self taught photographer. I picked up my first camera when I was about 10. It was a Kodak Instamatic. It had the 110 film and the disposable flash bulbs that rotated and fired 4 times. I still remember the smell of the flash after it fired. 

After that camera I moved up to an SLR shooting black and white in a photo class I took at a local community college. We got to process our own film and print our pictures in the dark room. I would some day like to get back to that medium. Film holds a special place in my heart. 

Now i'm shooting with a DSLR, a Canon 5D Mark iii. My passions in photography lie with landscape/wildlife and portraiture primarily, but I love any excuse to get out and shoot. I also like learning new things about photography and will accept almost any challenge presented.